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Day 1 Muscat – Sinkhole- Wadi Shab- Sur- Ras Al Hadd

The tour departs Muscat in the morning towards Ras Al Hadd, our first stop Bimmah sinkhole (swimming in the sinkhole lake is possible) Bimmah Sinkhole a water-filled depression, structurally a sinkhole, in the limestone of eastern Muscat Governorate in Oman, a lake of turquoise waters, its 50 m by 70 m wide and approximately 20 m deep. It’s only 600 m away from the sea, between the coastal towns of Dibab and Bimmah village, the sinkhole was formed by a collapse of the surface layer due to the dissolution of the underlying limestone. To preserve the sinkhole, the local municipality developed a park there.

From Sinkhole, we drive towards Wadi Shab this Wadi is an enormous canyon gorge that is lined with palm trees and impressive indications of what the power of the water coming down from the mountains can do in nature, With a 45-minute hike up through the canyon Wadi (walking shoe are required), we arrive at one of crystal clear water pools, tourists can swim through the warm waters from pool to pool, eventually, we come to the last pool where an opening among the enormous rocks allows us to swim into an incredible crevice cave with a small waterfall. Inside, the sunlight filters in from the outside, turning the water into a beautiful turquoise blue whilst water showers down one side of the cave from the Wadi beyond

Then we continue our journey to the City of Sur, the famous Arabian Dhow Factory, where you can see traditional wooden Dhows being built, we will visit the old part of Sur there you can see most of the houses there designed by the wooden doors and windows.

The tour continues to Ras Al Hadd. In the evening after dinner, we take you to the turtle’s sanctuary at Ras Al Jinz, where we will go on a guided beautiful walking tour on the beach at night under the stars, where we have a high chance of seeing Oman’s great sea turtles stumbling onto the beach to build a nest and lay the eggs, if you are lucky, you can even see baby turtles hatching from some nests.

Overnight in Ras Al Hadd (Turtle Beach Resort or similar)

Day 2 Ras Al hadd – Al Ashkharah – Jaalan –  Wahiba Sands

From Ras Al Hadd in The morning, we drive along the coastline, we’ll pass on many of the sea villages and the largest and most beautiful one is Al Askharah fishing village that will depend on fishing, we’ll visit Al Ashkharah port, there you’ll see many fishermen man’s returning from the sea with huge quantities of fish and seafood.

from there we continue our trip to the desert (Wahiba sand) through Jaalan, this spectacular Desert has an Ares of 12,500 Square K.M they called also Al Sharqiya Sands, formerly known as “The Wahiba Sands” its a region of desert in Oman the region was named for the Bani Wahiba tribe, divided between the northern and southern Governorates in the eastern region, the area is defined by a boundary of 180 K.M (110 mi) north to south and 80 K.m (50 mi) east to west, relax in the camp or take part in an adventurous 4×4 drive in the sand dunes, then we will watch the stunning sunset of the desert on one of the big sand dunes. We finish the day with dinner at the camp.

Overnight in Wahiba sands  (Safari Desert Camp or similar)

Day 3 Wahiba Sands – Wadi Bani Khalid –  Wahiba Sands

In the morning we start our trip to Wadi Bani Khalid, one of the biggest and most beautiful Wades in Oman, after reaching the magnificent Wadi, just a short walk of approximately 10 to 15 minutes (walking shoes are required), you will see sparkling clear water pools 9 meters in depth perfect for a long swim, relax sunbath, in the beautiful scenic Wadi Canyon.

After that back to your camp in the desert

Overnight in Desert Camp ( Safari Desert Camp or similar)

Day 4 Wahiba Sands-Al Mudhaireb-Ibra-Zukait tower tombs-Birkat Al Moz -Nizwa

In the morning we drive to Al Mudhaireb, you can walk a bit uphill where you’ll be within the ruins of the old village of Al Mudhaireb, the ruins are quite interesting and you can explore the area, but if you keep going uphill you’ll see one of the many watchtowers of Al Mudhaireb, the views from that watchtower are quite nice and once you are there you’ll see that there are half a dozen other watchtowers in Al Mudhaireb.

Historically, each quarter of the village had its own watchtower to warn the residents from attacks from other villages/quarters, and there would have been an old quarter under or near-by to each of these watchtowers.

From there we’ll visit the old ancient village of Ibra, which is old over 1000 years, it’s been build from mud and limestone you can walk around the village, it’s not completely abounded there are some people still living there.

from there on the way to Nizwa in the village of Zukait stop at cylindrical tombs date back to the third millennium BC. Located on a hilltop of Zukait, they are made of mountain rock stacked to create a distinctive beehive shape.

From there we continue our journey to Birkat Al Moz, It has a large Falaj system that supplies water date palms, and vegetables for many orchards, it’s listed to UNESCO organization, It’s worth it to spend some time walking around the village.

Just a short drive from Birkat Al Moz to Nizwa the old capital of Oman, we arrive at Nizwa, after the Hotel check-in, you have free leisure time for the rest of the day.

 Overnight in Nizwa (Al Dyar Hotel or similar)

Day 5 Nizwa Fort & market. Jabal Akhdar (Green Mountain)- Nizwa

We start the day early to visit the Nizwa Souq, a wide variety of vendors offer their goods in the streets of the souk, where you can find vegetables, pottery, jewelry, handicrafts, Omani sweets (Halwa), spice, dates, and souvenirs which are sold in authentic old market halls that few places can boast, especially interesting is the Friday cattle market when the locals from the nearby towns come to sell their goats, cattle, sheep, and chickens in a circus-style open market place.

Next to the Souq is Nizwa Fortress, the fort is a museum today and offers splendid views of this ancient town and the surrounding mountains. You can walk around in this impressive fortress and visit its many rooms, passages, and towers. The fort is an architectural testimony to the economic and military achievements of the early Yaruba dynasty from the mid-17th century, it was a military stronghold designed to withstand even the strongest of attacks at the time. Even along the corridors, many traps were laid to deter any intruders that might have penetrated the defenses.

From Nizwa we’ll drive you up to Jabal Akhdar it’s knowing as (Green Mountain) it’s considered one of the most scenic areas in Oman, it’s a part of the Al Hajar Mountain Range,  Jebel Akhdar has so-called because of the presence of green terraced gardens surrounding the villages. A variety of fruits like pomegranates, apricot, apple, olives, Grape, Rose, Peaches, and Walnut.  Are grown here, there are interesting walks in Wadi Bani Habib, Shrejah, Al Ain, and Al Aqur.

Overnight in Nizwa (Al Dyar Hotel or similar)

Day 6 Nizwa – Al Hamra – Misfah Al Abreyeen -Wadi Ghul-  Jabal Shams (The Grand Canyon of Oman)   

In the morning after check out from our hotel we drive to Misfah Al Abreyeen, this picturesque village lies on a steep slope at the foot of Jebel Shams and consists of old homes and narrow streets. it has a falaj system for many orchards, date palms, and vegetables, it’s worth spending some time walking around the village.

Then we visit the ancient village of Al Hamra, from Al Hamra we drive to Wadi Ghul the village of Wadi Ghul 2000 years old located at the foot of Mountain Ghul and it can be seen on your way to Jabal Shams, it has been abandoned by its inhabitants and no one remained in, it has been built of solid stones.

from there we drive into Wadi Nakhar its beautiful sites, a spectacular view which derives its name from the local word (necrosis), which means the process of rock sculpture «erosion» as the water of this valley formed during the time periods.

Wadi Al Nakhar is one of the deepest valleys in Oman because of its geographical characteristics, the great gap in Jabal Shams is considered to be the most important source of water since its large opening leads to valleys and reefs that form the valley of Al Nakhar.

From there we start driving up to Jebel Shams Mountain (the grand canyon of Oman), this mountain road drives up to the Jebel Shams 3009 meters this mountain is one of the most adventurous mountains in Oman, offering existing off-road experience and fantastic views, you reach canyon view which is 2000 meters stop there and enjoy the view and photo, then just short drive to our Resort where we spend the night.

Overnight in Jabal shams (Sama Heights Resorts or similar)

Day 7 Jabal Shams- Balad Sayt- wadi Bani Awf- back to Muscat-Muscat.

In the morning we drive down the mountain on the other side (east) into the Wadi Bani Awf. This mountain road drive is an exciting off-road experience and offers fantastic views into dramatic canyons and Wades, as it winds down several K.M before connecting with Wade Bani Awf. We will pass several villages the most beautiful village there is Balad Sayt, its surround by mountains from all direction Once we reach the Valley (Wadi Bani Awf), will pass also by impressive Wadi Canyons (Snake canyon) the road leads us through the Wadi while passing numerous small villages, from there we drive back on to Muscat.


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